Publication Opportunities

All accepted papers will be published in the conference website as a proceeding. Also, there are following publication opportunities.

Sustainability (ISSN: 2071- 1050- Indexed in SSCI): Dr. Fu-Sheng Tsai will be the guest editor of the special issue regarding “Social Innivation and Entrepreneurship: Toward Ecology Friendly Models”. Original research that fits the special issue will be considered for publication. The authors only pay for open access fee for this journal. If your institution is considered as registered institution, you will not need to pay for any fee.

European Journal of International Management (ISSN: 1751- 6765 – Indexed in SSCI): The research that has the best paper award in the conference will be published in the journal. Also, the journal will grant the Best Paper Award.

Journal of Organizational Change Management (ISSN: 0953-4814 – Indexed in SSCI): Dr. Erhan Aydin and Dr. Fiona Colgan will edit a special issue regarding “Lgbt Research in Management and Institutions: Broadening the lens” in JOCM. The editors will choose an article from the conference if it fits the special issue.

Business and Management Studies: An International Journal (ISSN: 2148-2586- Indexed in ULAKBIM and DOAJ): The selected studies will be published in a special issue without any publication fee.

International Journal of Economic and Administrative Studies (ISSN: 1307- 9832- Indexed in ULAKBIM): The selected studies will be published in a special issue without any publication fee.

All articles in English can buy proofreading services from “Erhan Aydin Akademi”. The conference participants will have 10% discount from the proofreading service.

If there is no qualified and original research, there will be no award in the conference.