Business & Organization Research (BOR)
Call for Papers

It is our great pleasure to invite you to the International Conference on “Business and Organization Research” with the support of Karabuk University. The theme of the conference is “Local Solutions to the Global Issues” that result from new social dynamics. We invite academics and scholars from all the relevant disciplines to submit their papers and ongoing research findings to this stimulating and exciting conference. Aim of our peer-reviewed conference is to bring together the world’s leading scholars and opinion leaders and to increase our understanding of emerging scientific issues and research methodologies relating to business management, public administration, finance, management and organization, organization sociology, social work, economic and social sciences. Please, engage freely in discussions, share your ideas and build relationships among the group of leading researchers.

The presented papers in the conference will be published in an e-book as an abstract, extended abstract or full paper. The selected papers, after the examination of the Scientific Board, will be published in the conference journals as full papers.

The official language of the conference is both Turkish and English.

Conference Tracks

Conference scope covers, but not limited to, the following topics:

Track 1: Social and Community Studies

Track 2: Civic and Political Studies

Track 3: Cultural and Global Studies

Track 4: Environmental Studies

Track 5: Organizational Studies

Track 6: Educational and Communication Studies

Track 7: Economics, Finance and Accounting

Track 8: Business and Management Studies

Track 9: Studies on Entrepreneurship

Track 10: Tourism Management

Track 11: Public Finance and Social Work

Track 12: Public Administration

Track 13: International Relations

Track 14: Econometrics

Track 15: Commercial Law

Track 16: Quantitative Methods

Track 17: General Field (Economics and Administrative Sciences